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5 Reasons to purchase from Robbins Instruments

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Today, it is easier to find many medical suppliers in your area and online. The demand for online medical suppliers is increasing because they offer the convenience of purchasing from home or office at the most competitive prices. Robbins Instruments is one such reliable online supplier of medical instruments. What makes it unique? Read this post to know more.

Top 5 Advantages of Purchasing from Robbins Instruments

The following are the top 5 benefits of purchasing from Robbins Instruments:

  • Industry Experience and Global Footprint: Robbins Instruments have been serving Dermatology and Plastic Surgery practices since 1952. With its 6 decades of experience, and having leading branded medical supply products available, Robbins Instruments is your primary source for your surgical instruments and supply needs.
  • Supplier of Medical Grade Instruments: Robbins Instruments is the supplier of various medical grade instruments in the USA.
    • The Dermojet Needleless Injector is the most popular patented product in its category. This injector is designed for needle-less infiltration, and is FDA compliant.
    • Disposable biopsy punches, which are offered in various sizes ranging from 0.30mm to 10 mm, are Gamma sterilized and packaged 25 per box. 
    • Dermablade by Personna was designed specifically for shave biopsies. This disposable flexible type blade can be used to remove protuberances, lesions, and ragged skin. Individually packaged, sterile, 50 per box.
    • Robbins 10S Dermaplaning blades are regularly used for facial treatments which remove dead skin cells and produce a smoother complexion. These butter blades are distinguishable due to their rounded tips, made from surgical grade stainless steel, and considered ideal for treatment due to their sharp edges. 
  • Representation at All Medical Industry Related Events: Robbins Instruments is perhaps one of the few medical equipment suppliers to make its presence felt at all major medical industry related tradeshows. Recently, the company attended the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) 2017 event. This annual event discusses the latest trends in dermatology. During the event, many of its products were offered at special discounts. This allowed customers to purchase the products at extremely affordable prices. The next major event in its tradeshow calendar is the ISHRS Annual Meeting, which is to be held at the Prague Congress Hall in October 2017. Organized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, this event discusses one of the major medical problems – hair loss in men and women. 
  • Most Competitive Prices Online: In the marketplace crowded with various genuine medical instrument suppliers, Robbins Instruments has always offered its products at competitive prices. In addition, customers can take advantage of better prices on bulk purchases, as well as individual purchases. 

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  • 100% Quality Assurance Guarantee: Robbins Instruments stands by its products by offering a 100% quality assurance guarantee, reliability and service. 

If you require additional information before placing an order, please call us on our toll-free number 1-800-206-8649 or email us at info@robbinsinstruments.com

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