Adson Forceps

Forceps are handheld instruments that are used for grasping and holding different items. They are used when fingers are too large to hold small objects, or when several objects are required to be held at one time while the hands are used to perform a task. An Adson forcep, also referred to as a thumb forcep, has a fine tip and  comes with or without teeth. Robbins Instruments has a wide variety of Adson forceps to choose from.

Adson Forceps at Robbins Instruments

Based on the type of application that they are used for, there are two main types of Adson forceps available in our inventory. They are:

  • Adson Dressing Forceps: Adson dressing forceps are thumb forceps, and are used to hold dressing materials, such as gauze and cotton for packing wounds, changing dressings, or surgical procedures. They have a wide thumb grasp for increased accuracy and control. This product is straight with delicate and serrated tips.
  • Adson Tissue Forceps: Adson tissue forceps are used for holding and handling delicate tissues. They have a wide and flat thumb grasp area that is usually serrated. The tips are narrow and the jaws are short.  This product is straight, has smooth jaws and teeth.

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