Bipolar forceps are used during surgical procedures to coagulate tissue by means of an electrical current. Standard bipolar forceps tips have a hot spot that can result in the tissue sticking to the tips. This is where non-stick bipolar forceps can help. Robbins Instruments provides a range of non-stick bipolar forceps that help reduce the possibilities of tissue damage due to adhesion. These forceps are equipped with non-stick tips that help prevent the tissues from sticking during surgery. Our non-stick bipolar forceps are being increasingly used in neurosurgery and surgical procedures.

Non-stick Bipolar Forceps Offerings at Robbins Instruments

These Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps provide a high degree of precision, tension free grip and safety during surgery.

  • Adson Bipolar Non-Stick Forceps: These bipolar forceps are distinguished by their flat handle and straight shafts with 1.0mm wide tips.
  • Semkin Bipolar Non-Stick Forceps: These non-stick bipolar forceps are straight, with blunt tips, and have 0.5mm tip dimensions.
  • Yasargil Bipolar Non-Stick Forceps: Featuring classic Yasargil design.

    Beneficial Features of Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps

    • Non-stick Coagulation: These bipolar forceps feature tips that are non-stick plated. The tips help optimize heat transfer along the surface, thereby providing an excellent non-stick coagulation performance.
    • Excellent Surgical Control: Just like regular bipolar forceps, these forceps are also precision machined and equipped with brilliantly finished tips. The tips are precisely aligned, thereby providing excellent control during surgeries.
    • Improved Visualization: The beveled tips of these forceps produce a narrow profile, and improve visualization when accessing tissues in tight areas.
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