Surgical instruments can be either disposable or reusable. Those instruments that are to be reused require proper cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization. For this purpose, cleaning brushes are used. These brushes are used to gently clean the instruments and remove debris from the areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Robbins Instruments is a supplier of different types of surgical instrument cleaning brushes.

Design of Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning brushes are specially designed for cleaning different types of hand held dermatological surgery instruments, cosmetic surgery instruments, liposuction devices, and electro-surgical devices. These cleaning brushes consist of nylon bristles or stainless steel bristles, which are suitable for cleaning surgical instruments. In addition, these brushes come with a plastic handle which is lightweight and easy to grip.

Different Types of Cleaning Brushes Available at Robbins Instruments
Robbins Instruments can provide different cleaning brushes depending on your cleaning requirements and applications. There are two types of cleaning brushes available:

  1. Instrument Cleaning Stainless Steel Brushes – Cleaning instrument serrations, rasps, files and burs. Autoclavable.
  2. Instrument Cleaning Nylon Brushes – Cleaning instruments without scratching or harming delicate surfaces. Autoclavable.
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