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Before sterilizing and disinfecting surgical instruments, it is necessary to first clean them properly with a cleaning solution. This helps remove all the unwanted material from the devices, and makes them ready for the process of sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, you are required to have all the necessary cleaning supplies and solutions, which are available from Robbins Instruments.

Features of Cleaning Solutions Provided by Robbins Instruments
  1. This cleaning solution helps remove all types of stains, such as mineral deposits and blood stains.
  2. The cleaning solution that we provide is free of phosphate. It does not stain the surgical instruments on which it is applied.
  3. It does not leave its residue on the applied surface. Thus, you are not required to rinse the instrument several times after the application of the cleaning solution. 
  4. The solution is concentrated, and a small amount is sufficient to clean the instruments. This helps reduce the cost per use of the solution.
  5. It is biodegradable and safe to use without damaging the environment.
Tips to Clean Surgical Instruments
  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning: you should keep the instruments wholly submerged in the solution in the open position.
  2. Once the ultrasonic cleaning process is completed, always remember to clean the instruments with water to remove the solution.
  3. In the case of micro or very delicate surgical instruments, it is always good to follow the manual cleaning process. 
  4. If you are choosing automatic washer sterilizers for cleaning, then make sure that after the last rinse cycle is completed, the surgical instruments are lubricated. Always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. 

Robbins Instruments is a leading supplier of quality surgical supplies in the USA. Our comprehensive product inventory allows us to offer the shortest turnaround times and competitive prices. 

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