DermaBlade® by Personna® Shave Biopsy Instrument
The Revolutionary Blade That’s Perfect in Every Way

Until recently, performing a shave biopsy usually meant sacrificing safety, efficiency, or effectiveness. That’s why DermaBlade® was designed specifically for shave biopsies, with a unique look and feel that will make your job easier than ever. DermaBlades®’s flexible design can be used to remove surface protuberances, as well as deep lesions, while reducing ragged skin edges. Special sure-grip side teeth facilitate a three-digit grip to provide stability, control and direction, prevent slipping, and make DermaBlade® easier to pick up. You’ll also appreciate the fact that each blade is individually packaged to give you guaranteed sterility and protection. For added safety, DermaBlade® is also disposable. DermaBlade® utilizes Personna®’s MicroCoated® surgical blades to provide smooth, clean excisions with less tissue trauma.


  • Surgical Instrument designed for shave biopsy
  • Safer for nurse and practitioner
  • Avoid cuts from contaminated blades
  • No breaking of razor blades
  • Professional appearance reduces patient anxiety
  • Clean blade surface…no foreign material (oil)
  • Flexibility
  • Used to remove surface protuberances or deep lesions (bends to accommodate required angle
  • Reduces ragged skin edges
  • Sure grip side teeth/Three digit grip
  • Easy to pick up
  • Prevents slipping in gloved hand, regardless of blade position
  • Provides stability and control
  • MicroCoated® surgical blade, i.e., Personna Plus®
  • Sharp, smooth, resistance free cutting
  • Quicker healing and reduced scarring
  • Low profile instrument
  • Controlled excision (shave biopsy)
  • No sutures
  • No needle holders, pick-ups, etc.
  • Effective, but less costly set-up
  • Safety
  • Easy to pick up from surgical tray (flat razor blade is difficult)
  • No hemostat need to pick up blade
  • Work place safety is improved (no razor blades to break, wrap, and use)
  • Sterile, individually packaged, with clear back
  • Patient ready, sterility guaranteed
  • Convenient, safe, easy to open
  • Distinctive blue color increases product visibility
  • Work place safety is improved (no razor blades to break, wrap, and use)
  • Disposable
  • Eliminates need to install or remove blade
  • Single use to prevent cross contamination
  • Enhanced user safety
  • Case size and quantity
  • Size to complement office needs
  • Dispensing carton, fits on shelf

Warning: Blade is extremely sharp. Handle with care. Used sharps are contaminated. Disease may occur from contact or injury. Dispose of in puncture resistant container. Refer to OSHA or local standards setting organizational guidelines for handling and disposal of sharps.