Premium Dermaplaning Blades

Industry-leading Dermaplaning Blades at Affordable Prices 

Please note that the former 10S blade 50 per box was discontinued and replaced with our New Premium Swedish Steel 10S blade 100 per box.

Dermaplaning is a skin exfoliating treatment that is usually performed on the face. In this procedure, dull layers of skin are removed from the face in order to reveal a brighter complexion. Although dermaplaning is a painless procedure, skin-care specialists’ need to use sharp dermaplaning blades during the treatment. Robbins Instruments provide industry-leading 10S dermaplaning blades for the procedure.  

Features of Dermaplaning Blades by Robbins Instruments

Our dermaplaning blades are designed for manual exfoliation of the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. The 10S blade has a round edge and is used to stroke across the skin surface to remove dead skin cells. These dermaplaning blades are becoming an integral part of various skin resurfacing treatments across the world.

Benefits of Dermaplaning Blades from Robbins Instruments

Our customers will experience a variety of benefits by using our 10S dermaplaning blades.

  1. The 10S dermaplaning blade is manufactured from a premium Swedish stainless steel. This material provides a durable, smooth surface for the procedure..
  2. The 10S dermaplaning blade is distinguished by its rounded blade edge, which ensures a safe and accurate procedure.
  3. Robbins Instruments 10S dermaplaning blades are individually foil wrapped and sterilized. This helps avoid contamination and ensures their safety.
  4. The 10S dermaplaning blades are provided at affordable prices. Each box contains 100 blades and costs $150. This means each blade allows you to keep your costs at approximately $1.50 per procedure. Quantity discounts are available.
  5. Our blades are known to retain their sharpness throughout the procedure. This allows the skin care specialist to complete the entire procedure with a single blade, and saving time on changing blades.

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