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Precision surgical instruments are a key to any plastic reconstructive surgery procedure. The dermatome is one such surgical instrument used for skin grafting during plastic reconstructive surgery and/or burn treatment. These instruments are used to slice skin very precisely from the donor area. Dermatomes are used for skin reconstitution in areas that are damaged by trauma or grade 3 burns. Robbins Instruments provides industry-leading E-type fitting dermatomes from Nouvag. These instruments are well-known for their quality, precision and long term performance.

Dermatome Blades, 75 mm - 16.1995
Dermatome Blades, 50 mm - 16.1996
Dermatome Blades, 25 mm - 16.1997
    1. Available in Five Different Widths: We provide Dermatomes in five different widths –
      1. Dermatome 12mm: The product reference # is 16.1993. Blade 16.1998 10/pk.
      2. Dermatome 25mm: The reference for this dermatome is #16.1992, and it uses 25mm blade. The dermatome weighs only 330 grams. Blade 16.1997 10/pk.
      3. Dermatome 50mm: This dermatome is offered under reference #16.1991, and weighs only 420 grams. It uses 50mm blade. Blade 16.1996 10/pk.
      4. Dermatome 75mm: The dermatome uses 75mm blade, and is sold under ref. #16.1990. This surgical instrument weighs only 560 grams. Blade 16.1995 10/pk.
      5. Dermatome 100mm: It uses 100mm blade, and weighs 700 grams. The dermatome is provided under reference #16.1983. Blade 16.1919 10/pk.
    2. Adjustable Cutting Depth: The cutting depth of the dermatome can be easily adjusted between 0.05mm and 1.00 mm by turning the knurled wheel present at the back of dermatome.
    3. Accurate Cutting: Nouvag dermatomes provided by us deliver reliable and consistent performance when paired with Nouvag precision blades.
    4. Can be Autoclaved: All our dermatomes are fully autoclavable to 135°C - 275°F.
    5. Long Term Performance: All dermatomes are compact, lightweight, and require almost no maintenance. All these factors contribute to its long term performance. Lightweight body helps improve maneuverability, as well as minimizes operator fatigue.
    6. Multifunctional: The dermatome is multifunctional with E-type coupling. The motor unit can be detached and used with other E-type coupling devices used during the surgery. The microprocessor driven motor system offered with this dermatome is also used during ENT, Dermatology, and Implantology procedures.

Our E-type fitting dermatomes combine quality and precision, at a reasonable cost, thereby making it an ideal option for private clinics and hospital use.

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