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Diamond fraises are commonly used burs for dermal facial procedures. They come in various shapes and sizes, such as a pear, dome, button, and mini bullet. They are manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel, and without any joints for 100% centricity. The diameter varies from a small size (usually 17 x 3mm) to extra-large size (usually 17 x 14mm). The chips of these diamond fraises come in three textures - regular, coarse, and extra coarse abrasive grit. A safety feature of these diamond fraises is they have no dangerous ends or corners and are always curved and rounded. Robbins Instruments provides diamond fraises and their accessories in various specifications.

Benefits of Diamond Fraises

  • A diamond fraise helps minimize the damage on the dermal layer.
  • It is rounded and curved, and hence prevents injuries that occur due to pointed or rough-surface tools.
  • A coarse fraise is suitable for most procedures, and is useful in surgeries wherein a large lesion needs to be removed, such as acne.
  • Regular grit fraises are suitable in procedures where a small lesion needs to be removed, or for sensitive portions such as the skin around eyes.
  • If a coarse diamond fraise is used along with a high-speed dermabrader, the cutting capacity increases. Also, it becomes easier for the patient, as well as the surgeon as application of pressure is not required. The surgeon can touch the skin surface lightly with the instrument to get the required result. This can be done easily, without freezing the skin before the procedure.
  • Diamond fraises are easy to clean and maintain, and look new even after a prolonged use.

    Applications of Diamond Fraises

    Some application areas of a diamond fraise include dermabrasion treatments such as:

    • Facial dermabrasion treatment such as acne treatment and removing surgical scars
    • Cutaneous prophylaxis
    • Cosmetic procedures

      So, diamond fraises have plenty of applications and benefits. You need to choose the right type depending on your requirement. If you want to place a bulk order, we provide attractive discounts on the same. 

      Diamond #7 10x2.5mm - Grit Regular, Coarse
      Diamond #8 13x2.5mm - Grit Regular, Coarse
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