Over the years, hair restoration surgery has become more convenient due to technological advances. Robbins Instruments specializes in high quality medical instruments and supplies in the fields of hair restoration. Dr. Jack’s E-FUE device is one such hair restoration product, which is used by hair restoration surgeons around the world. 

Features of Dr. Jack’s E-FUE Device

Dr. Jack’s FUE device is designed to offer complete hair restoration solutions. 

  1. Dr. Jack's E-FUE 3rd Generation Battery Operated: This 3rd generation, 6000rpm, 1AA battery operated device is used during hair transplant surgery. Weight 65g, length 14cm, diameter 3cm.
  2. FUE 3g Titanium Tip - 18.FUE Tip: The height of the punch is adjustable and can be securely locked in place. The tip can be autoclaved.
  3. FUE Punches: These devices are used to extract viable hair grafts from the deeper dermis of skin with minimum scarring. The FUE punches offer high cutting edge speed and precision. The FUE surgical punch is offered in various diameters like 0.75, 0.80, 0.85, 0.90, and 1.00 mm. The titanium coated punches are 0.75T, 0.80T, 0.85T, 0.90T, and 1.00T.

Robbins Instruments is a leading supplier of quality surgical supplies in the USA. Our comprehensive product inventory allows us to offer the shortest turnaround times and competitive prices.

Fue Punch 0.75Mm - 18.fue 75
Fue Punch 0.80Mm - 18.fue 80
Fue Punch 0.85Mm - 18.fue 85
Fue Punch 0.90Mm - 18.fue 90 None
Fue Punch 1.00Mm - 18.fue 100
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