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Sterilization trays are used to hold fine surgical instruments during autoclave. Due to their significance, it is very important that you purchase these trays from reliable suppliers. Robbins Instruments is one such reliable online supplier of sterilization trays in the US. These trays offer durability and long term performance.
Beneficial Features of Sterilizing Trays Offered by Robbins Instruments

We provide PST trays in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Below are some features of the PST sterilization trays provided by us.

  1. These sterilizing trays feature a rubber mat and lid, which provides a secure instrument tray.
  2. The trays are made from ULTEM resin, which helps improve its durability, structural integrity, and performance.
  3. These trays have a unique grid system in all bases, trays and lids. This grid system makes it easy to install the finger-tip mats, and helps protect the instruments.
  4. Bases of these trays have a pebble-like surface to prevent mats from sticking.
  5. All PST trays are equipped with integral feet in bases and corner ridges on lids, which enable easy handling during storage or in autoclaves. Also, these sterilization trays can be easily stacked when not in use or inside the autoclave.
  6. Dimensions of these trays allow them to accommodate a variety of instruments in all sizes.
  7. The PST trays can withstand all types of sterilization such as dry heat, chemical, autoclave, etc.
  8. These come as single or double level trays. The double level trays are provided with a mat and removable upper-level insert.

Robbins Instruments offers premium medical instruments, which are procured from industry-leading brands. The above-mentioned sterilizing trays are currently available in our inventory.

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