Injection Gun -3cc, B-D Syringe - 21.IG3


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The Injection Gun (IG) is a type of injecting syringe, which utilizes a narrow jet of injection liquid to penetrate the skin. These medial injection guns are widely used for mass vaccinations, or during fat grafting operations, or as a needle alternative for injecting insulin in chronic diabetic patients. Robbins Instruments provides a wide range of micro-tissue injection guns for dermatology applications. Robbins injection gun - 3CC is ideal for small B-D syringe. The product SKU is 21.IG3.

Product Features of Injection Gun -3CC, B-D Syringe - 21.IG3

  1. German stainless steel construction. 
  2. Ergonomic design enables ease of operation. 
  3. The injection gun is compatible with 3ml B-D syringe. 
  4. Each trigger squeeze releases 0.32cc/ml. 
  5. It is autoclavable.

Product Description of Injection Gun -3CC, B-D Syringe - 21.IG3

The injection gun -3CC utilizes ratchet movements of extra-fine serrations for precise accuracy. The trigger of the injection gun produces a high injection pressure which helps reduce operator fatigue. A precise dosage of liquid 0.32 cc/ml is produced during each squeeze of the trigger. This can be repeated until the liquid is completely emptied. These micro-tissue injection guns possess stainless steel construction and can be re-used between surgeries. These ergonomically designed guns are also available in various other sizes, with proper ratchets, as well as adapters to fit disposable BD syringes.


Ask a Question
  • What size needle is used with the 3 ml syringe?

    We only sell the injection gun. The recommended syringe is the B-D 3 ml and you can use any size needle depending on the viscosity of the solution.

  • HI there, I'm looking into a auto-injection device for the use of bleomycin sulfate for treatment of warts in my practice. I live an practice in Canada. I need a device that can be sterilized everyday and have single use adaptator for each patient. Your Injection Gun -3CC, B-D Syringe - 21.IG3 seems to be interesting for all that matters, Does it have ( or any of similar devices from Robbins Instruments ) HEALTH CANADA APPROVAL ? If so,I would be very interested, Looking forward to your response

    The Injection Gun - 3cc does not have Health Canada Approval.

  • an injection equipment like ceftra diclo etc to what type of diseases please give the answer one by one

    The injection gun has been modified for fat injection and anesthetic administration during cosmetic procedures. We do not list its use for any specific diseases.

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