Oral mucosa grafting is one of the important procedures in periodontal plastic surgery, as well as Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS or OMFS). Free mucosal grafts are procured from donor sites using an electrical mucotome. At Robbins Instruments, we provide an electrical mucotome, which is designed for mucosal grafts. It should be used with a micro motor system with an E-type coupling for maximum results.

Technical Details

The following are the technical specifications of electrical mucotome available with us. 

Cutting Depth 0.5 mm
Cutting Width 0.6 mm
Minimum Recommended Motor RPM 500
Max. Recommended Motor RPM 800
Angle Positions of the Head with Blade Every 45°
Weight 60 grams
Coupling Micrometer According to EN23964
Safety Measures to be Followed While Using the Mucotome

The following safety measures should be followed, while using the mucotome during surgeries:

  1. The instrument is not provided in sterile condition. It has to be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before the first time use. Same procedure needs to be followed after each use. After disinfection and cleaning, equip the instrument with a new blade. 
  2. Avoid using compressed air for cleaning the instrument. 
  3. The instrument should not be manipulated with running motor. This helps prevent injuries. 
  4. The maximum recommended speed for operating the Mucotome is 8000 rpm. The speed should never exceed the limit. 
  5. The instrument should only be used by a trained and experienced person. 

The following troubleshooting tips will help ensure proper working of the Mucotome

  1. Problem: Mucotome doesn’t cut properly.
    Solution: This indicates that the instrument is not properly assembled. Unscrew the nut at the mucotome head. Rotate the head towards the hand piece, until it creates the clicking sound, then tighten the nut onto the headpiece again.
  2. Problem: Motor movement is not transferred to the Mucotome.
    Solution: This is caused, if the mucotome is not properly connected to the motor. You can press the mucotome firmly to the motor, until it produces a clicking sound. Ensure proper seating is made with a slight countermovement.

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