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In the medical industry, various types of procedures are conducted to reduce the pain and deformities in the ankle, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the foot. These procedures are performed by podiatrists using various surgical instruments. Nail nippers and splitters are instruments used by podiatrists to treat ingrown toenails, or to remove the nail plate during nail surgeries. Robbins Instruments offers a comprehensive selection of nail nippers and splitters online at competitive prices.

Beneficial Features of Nail Nippers and Splitters Provided by Robbins Instruments

  1. We provide a range of nail nippers and splitters for podiatric surgeries. 
    1. The curved or concave nippers help avoid excessive cutting by making nail borders accessible to users. However, double action concave or curved nail nippers help minimize tissue destruction and infiltration. These nippers are suited for mycotic nails. 
    2. There are various English anvil nail splitters provided by us. These help minimize the mycotic infections of secondary nature, as well as remove plate lysis from the nail bed.
    3. The tissue and cuticle nippers are used for removing special types of ulcers, such as ones with peripheral hyperkeratosis. 
  2. All nail nippers and splitters possess accurate blade alignment. This in combination with precision sharpening allows effortless cutting. This also helps improve the performance and service life of the instrument.
  3. All podiatry instruments have box lock designs. The blades of nippers or cutters are held together by a fully tempered lock box. This lock box helps ensure a proper instrument alignment.
  4. We provide instruments with single springs or double springs. These springs enable proper jaw movement, thus reducing hand fatigue, which commonly occurs during complex podiatry procedures.
  5. The nail nippers and nail splitters available are distinguishable due to their ergonomic designs that combine appropriate length, weight, shape, feel, and balance. All these features aid in improving performance, and deliver optimal comfort to the users.
  6. The instruments are made from high-quality German stainless steel, which ensures optimal Rockwell hardness, and delivers lasting sharpness to the blade. Chrome plated instruments are less expensive and ideal for patients who are cared for at home.
  7. All the instruments have undergone passivation, which protects them against corrosion that may occur due to regular sterilization.

All the above-mentioned features have made the instruments provided by us indispensable during the podiatric surgeries.

Robbins Instruments is committed to provide high-quality products. Thus, all the instruments manufactured by us conform to the highest industry standards, and are capable of providing long term performance. Our vast experience in the field has helped us serve our clients above their expectations. We assure one of the fastest response times and lead times in the industry. This combined with competitive prices have made us one of the preferred providers of nail nippers and splitters in the US.

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