NoKor Needles - 18g - Box of 100 Sterile - 11.5215


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BD Nokor™ filter and admix needles

Reduce glass particles when preparing medications

BD filter needles feature a molded-in 5-micron filter membrane that reduces larger particles during fluid aspiration, reconstitution or transfer, and during medication withdraw from glass reservoirs.

 The Nokor point

The vented point design features a cannula side port for you to place fluid on the container side wall during reconstitution, helping reduce foaming or spray.

Reduced internal pressure

Vented needles with a side port reduce internal container pressure.


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  • Hello I have some questions: Is the end of these needles a blade? Or just a hole? And when will you have those in stock? And do I have to have any medical certificate to buy those? Thank you!

    The product is shaped like a blade and is back in stock. No medical certificate needed to purchase.

  • can this shipping to HK? the price showed is USD ?

    When you place your order you can choose the international shipping method to HK. We use UPS, Fed-Ex, and USPS.
    Robbins Instruments

  • Hi, do you ship to Singapore?

    We ship to Singapore using USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

  • I woud like to buy 18G Nokor neeedles to be sent to Colombia, south america. Would that be possible? Thank you

    You can place your order online.

  • I woud like to buy 18G Nokor neeedles to be sent to Portugal. Would that be possible? Thank you

    We would need a Tax ID # to ship to Portugal.

  • what is the shipping weight?

    Shipping weight is 1 pound or 0.45 kilogram.

  • Hi, My name is Rasita and we are based in UK. I would like to purchase Nokor 18G admix needles to be send to UK, would that be possible?

    Yes. They are available and you can place your order online.

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