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Padgett dermatome replacement blades are used for removing skin grafts during reconstructive surgeries. During a surgical procedure, the blade moves back and forth mounted on a handheld dermatome powered by an electrical console. Robbins Instruments offers Padgett dermatome replacement blades - sterile and non-sterile. They are manufactured from the highest quality tempered German stainless steel, and they provide reliable and consistent performance throughout the procedure.

Features of Padgett Dermatome Replacement Blades

  • These blades are compatible with Integra/Padgett Dermatome models A, B, C, and S.
  • Measuring 4ʺ in length, these blades are offered in a pack of 10.
  • They offer a superior cutting edge because they are facet grounded which eliminates burrs.
  • The highest blade width tolerances enable accurate removal of skin.
  • The Padgett sterile dermatome replacement blade is sterilized suited for a single time use. Similarly, Padgett non-sterile blades are also designed for a single time use. However, they should be sterilized before the procedure.

How to Use Padgett Dermatome Blades?

Padgett dermatome blades assure precision during the complex skin grafting surgeries. However, it is important to ensure that the blades are attached to the dermatome properly. The following tips will help you ensure the proper attachment, and maximize the efficiency of the dermatome blades.

  • Apply a thin coat of mineral oil on each side of the blade before insertion. It is important to use a sterile mineral oil for the purpose.
  • Take the dermatome in both hands and position it in such a way that the “Side Up” marker is facing your side.
  • Place the grommet hole of the blade over the oscillating pin of the dermatome.
  • Push the blade up and down with the thumbs from over the eccentric screws. By doing so, the blade will be easily fixed in its original position.
  • Ensure that dermatome bed and the blade is free from any particulates or foreign objects to ensure free movement of the blade.
  • After use, remove the blade from the slots at both ends.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Padgett Dermatome Blades

Padgett dermatome replacement blades are easy to use; however, the following things will help ensure their appropriate use. 

  • Always maintain the blade in the forward position when the dermatome is working and in close contact with the patient.
  • Avoid re-using these blades because they are designed for a single-time use.
  • Reusing the blades after re-sterilization may impact their sharpness, and also may result in cross-contamination.
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