Robbins Microcannula 25Gx50mm, Box/20, Sterile - 21.CAN-FIC2550 - UDI 90850010779310


SKU : 21.CAN-FIC2550

$ 80.00


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At Robbins Instruments, we provide only the best quality instruments for various surgical and medical applications. One such instrument available from Robbins Instruments is a sterile blunt microcannula. The SKU is 21.CAN-FIC2550. This microcannula provides a number of beneficial features.

Product Features

  1. This 25G microcannula from Robbins Instruments is used for injecting medium/thick fillers.
  2. The microcannula is very fine, thus causing minimal bruising.
  3. It lowers the risk of pain and discomfort during the procedure. 
  4. Using a single point of entry to produce better coverage.
  5. It has a large internal caliber. This helps lessen the injection pressure.

Product Description

This is a blunt tip 25G microcannula with a length of 50MM. It comes in a sterile sleeve, packaged 20 per box. The microcannula has a very fine tip, which minimizes bruising and reduces pain and discomfort to the patient. The 21.CAN-FIC2550 microcannula has a large internal caliber, which helps decrease the injection pressure.


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