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A wide range of instruments are required in hair restoration surgery. Robbins Instruments is one of the leading providers of advanced instruments and equipment used during these surgeries. For creating recipient sites, we have found that Sapphire knives provide the surgical precision the surgeon is seeking.

Features of Sapphire & Knives:

Here are some striking features of these blades and knives, which make them highly popular:

  1. Helps deliver precise cuts
  2. No scars produced during application
  3. Remains sharp through numerous procedures
  4. Ultra-sharp
  5. Fast recovery 
  6. Minimal trauma
  7. Features a handle for better grip and use
Some Benefits of Using Sapphire Knives and Blades from Robbins Instruments
  1. Designed for Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery.
  2. Blades are manufactured using a chemical process wherein the final product is composed of artificial sapphire, one of the hardest substances available (sapphire blades are rated a "9" on the Mohs scale of relative mineral hardness, one level lower than the hardest and densest of materials, diamond).
  3. By crafting a blade from this material, the cutting edge will remain sharp for much longer periods, leading to long-term cost savings for your practice.
  4. You can easily clean the tissue from the knife with warm water, a soft cloth and it can be autoclaved.

Robbins Instruments is a leading supplier of quality surgical supplies in the USA. Our comprehensive product inventory allows us to offer the shortest turnaround times and competitive prices.

2mm-45 deg Double Edge Knife
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