Large Skin Cooler White - 21.SCL-W

Large Skin Cooler White - 21.SCL-W
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Product Description

Large Skin Cooler White - Barrel Width 2-1/8", Circumference 4-5/8", Handle Width 1", Handle Length 5-1/2". 

How Cool-It-Rollers Works

  • Cool-It-Roller reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain with a combination of cold compression and gentle massage. 
  • Cold compression therapy constricts the blood vessels in irritated skin which helps decrease swelling and eases the pain. The drop in temperature of the skin slows cell metabolism, limiting cell damage to affected tissue. 
  • The easy to maneuver roller stimulates microcirculation in the tiny capillaries of the skin to improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients and promote skin detoxification. 

Uses for Cool-It-Roller 

  • Helps diminish under-eye puffiness and alleviate minor skin irritations.
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and irritation that may develop following beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures* including waxing, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion chemical peels, and laser procedures for skin resurfacing, hair and tattoo removal.
  • Prepares the skin for cosmetic treatments - numbing the surface while leaving it clean and dry.
  • *Consult your doctor before using the product after cosmetic procedures.


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