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Surgical trimmers and burs are used for cutting hard tooth or bone tissues and are made from Tungsten vanadium steel and tungsten carbide. Robbins Instruments supplies surgical trimmers and burs for cavity preparation, finishing and polishing restorations and surgical procedures. Our surgical trimmers and burs are economical, offer long term performance because they can resist chipping and breakage.

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Types of Surgical Trimmer Burs Offered by Robbins Instruments:

We offer the following types of surgical trimmer burs at competitive prices:

  1. Lindeman Bone Cutters: Lindeman bone cutters are used for cutting bones and bone lids during an osteotomy. These bones cutters are made from tungsten carbide material, which contributes to its outstanding sharpness and precision control.  These bone cutters are used in various types of jaw surgeries and for cutting third molar teeth. Being a side cutting burr, these bone cutters can be moved in any direction. We provide Lindeman bone cutters in various sizes 1.4, 1.8, 2.1, 2.3 mm. 
  2. Tungsten Vanadium Steel Burs: Tungsten vanadium steel burs are made to ultra-high precision tolerances.  Our Tungsten Vanadium burs have more flutes on them and possess smaller teeth. The teeth don’t chip off easily. These burs are offered in sizes 1.8, 2.9 and 4.0 mm.  

The above-mentioned surgical trimmer burs are currently available in our inventory. For more details, please call us on our toll-free number 1-800-206-8649 or email us at info@robbinsinstruments.com

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