Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The Ultraneb Ultrasonic Nebulizer is used for respiratory therapy and humidification of the inhaled air. It is designed for drug inhalation therapy in hospitals, nursing homes and for private use. The ultrasonic nebulizer is primarily used for the medical treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract.

Operation – A crystal quartz located at the bottom of the nebulizing chamber ensures dispersion of the medium (distilled water) using ultrasound. The produced fog is transported to the patient through a hose with an air flow.

In order to protect the patient from bacteria and germs in the ambient air, the inspired air passes through a coarse medical air filter installed in the front of the fan chamber which can be easily replaced. After passing through the fan wheel, the air flow passes through a bacteria filter with a fineness of 0.5um. With these two filters, a high purity of the inhaled air can be achieved.