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To perform consistent and accurate skin graft retrieval procedures, medical practitioners require a set of high-quality instruments and dermatome blades. For those customers using a Zimmer dermatome, Robbins Instruments can provide replacement dermatome blades that insure clean, uniform grafts. Manufactured to exacting standards, these quality stainless steel blades are easy to use and provide added safety.

Beneficial Features of Zimmer Replacement Dermatome Blades Provided by Robbins Instruments

Compatible with a Zimmer Dermatome handpiece, the blades are used in the surgical removal of a strip of healthy skin.

  1. Each blade is designed to reduce tissue drag and trauma.
  2. They assure a clean cut and precise graft.
  3. These blades are packaged 10 per box and supplied sterile.
  4. Each blade is individually wrapped in VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper.
  5. Zimmer replacement dermatome blades are anti-rust protected and are latex-free.
  6. They are precision facet grinded without burrs.
  7. They are manufactured in full compliance with all applicable industry standards.

Zimmer replacement dermatome blades thus assure virtually effortless and accurate procedures time and again. As a quality focused firm, we provide the right blade for both the electric and air powered dermatomes.

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