Bipolar Forceps

Bipolar forceps

Bipolar forceps are electrosurgical forceps that are used to grasp or coagulate tissue during surgery. These forceps are connected to the electrosurgical generator through a bipolar cable. Unlike regular forceps, coagulation is produced in these forceps by the electrosurgical generator unit. Coagulation helps control blood loss during surgery and seal tissues easily. The electrical current in the forceps can be easily controlled by a surgeon using a switch. Robbins Instruments offer standard and non-stick bipolar forceps. Bipolar forceps should only be used by trained and licensed individuals.

Beneficial Features of Bipolar Forceps Provided by Robbins Instruments

The following beneficial features make our bipolar forceps popular among medical industry clients:

  1. We offer a wide variety of precision bipolar forceps which are lightweight and easy to grip. The lightweight construction of these forceps are less fatiguing during various procedures.
  2. The bipolar forceps are available in various tip styles such as curved, straight, bayonet, and bent.
  3. The lengths of the forceps range from 4.25ʺ to 7.7ʺ, with the tips measuring from 0.25ʺ to 2″.
  4. The forceps can be operated at a low current, which helps avoid collateral damage to surrounding tissues.
  5. Our non-stick bipolar forceps have an anti-stick coating, which helps prevent tissue from sticking on the tips, thus ensuring better coagulation.

Safety Measures to Follow While Using Bipolar Forceps

The following tips will help ensure long life of bipolar forceps:

  1. All our bipolar forceps are supplied non-sterile. Thus, they should be cleaned and sterilized before the first and every subsequent use.
  2. It is important to examine forceps for any cracks, or malfunctions before the procedure. Check around blades, stops, point ends, and snaps before using. Damaged forceps should be avoided. No repairs should be attempted on your own.
  3. Avoid using corrosive or abrasive cleaners to clean bipolar forceps.
  4. Use only a soft brush and purified water for cleaning.
  5. Bipolar forceps must be stored in a dry and moisture free area. The tips should be covered in a cloth, tube, or tip guard to avoid contamination.

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