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Dermatome Blades


Best-seller Dermatomes for Skin Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeries

Dermatome blades are used in the surgical removal of affected skin tissues, and skin grafting during reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. These blades are usually mounted on a handheld dermatome during the procedure. The blade moves back and forth while in motion and cuts through the surface layers of skin. The dermatome blades are ideal for cutting long skin strips with uniform thickness. Robbins Instruments provides branded dermatomes, as well as dermatome blades to its clients in the medical industry.

Types of Dermatome Products Provided by Robbins Instruments

Our inventory includes the following types of dermatome products:

  • Nouvag Dermatome: The Nouvag Dermatome is a hand-held, electric powered equipment, which is equipped with a universal motor. The medical instrument is provided with stainless steel blades in 75mm, 50mm, 25mm, and 12mm cutting widths. The stainless steel cutting blades are sterilized and provided in the pack of 10. We also provide a motor system, which includes a footswitch, a control box, and E-type autoclave motor, which can be used with various dermatome models. The TCM-3000 motor system can be used with any of our dermatomes, twist drills, sagittal saws, compass saws, trimmers, tattooing, mucotomes, and oscillating saws. The motor can also be used during oral and maxillofacial surgery, and dermabrasion.
  • Padgett Dermatome Blades: The sterile, and non-sterile replacement Padget dermatome blades are compatible with Padgett/Integra Dermatome models A, B, and S. These blades are produced from the highest quality German stainless steel. These blades are facet grinded for uniform and superior cutting edges. The sterilized, and non-sterile blades are provided in the pack of 10.

Safety Measures to be Followed While Using Nouvag Dermatome

Following are the safety measures to be followed when using Nouvag Dermatome:

  • Clean, sterilize, and disinfect the dermatome prior to the first use, and after every use.
  • Attach the dermatome to the motor when it is in the standing position.
  • Take care to operate the dermatome with speeds up to 14,000 rpm!
  • The instrument should be handled by trained and experienced personnel only!

To place an order or to know more about any of our dermatome products, and its accessories, please contact us immediately. You can also call us at 1-800-206-8649, or send us a mail at info@robbinsinstruments.com

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