Robbins Instruments is leading provider of a variety of instruments for the medical industry. These instruments are useful for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and dermatology procedures. Our Micromotors are one such product that can be utilized for these specialties.

Different Micromotor Products at Robbins Instruments

Following are a couple of product offerings under the category – micromotors:

  1. Acrotorque Hand Engine: Acrotorque hand engines are used to control the surgical handpieces. The device features a 35,000 RPM motor and consists of a straight handpiece, control box and foot pedal. This device can either be operated manually by the speed control knob or by an on/off foot pedal. 
  2. TCM3000BL: This device is a brushless motor system which comes in 115V and 220V variants, and is the power source for dermatomes, surgical saws and various straight and angled handpieces. Other components included under the TCM3000BL are the control unit, electronic motor 31-ESS and foot pedal.

Robbins Instruments provides all its medical instruments at competitive prices. Please give us a call at 1-800-206-8649 or email at info@robbinsinstruments.com with any questions or literature requests.