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Robbins Face Mask

3 ply face mask

Robbins 3-ply face mask is a quality disposable mask which is designed to offer complete respiratory protection to users. Made of spun bound polypropylene (SBPP) and melt brown polypropylene (MBPP), this latex-free mask offers three-layer protection from droplets, non-oily particles, microorganisms, bodily matter, and pollutants. The polyester spandex ear loop on its sides helps secure the mask to your ears throughout the day.

Overview of Robbins Face Mask

Robbins Instrument’s face mask helps prevent the spread of infection and promote good respiratory health by disallowing microbes, droplets, bodily fluids, and other pollutants from entering the respiratory system. The inner and outer layer is made of spun bound polypropylene (SBPP), which helps block droplets and contaminants from entering the mouth and nostrils. The filter layer is made of melt brown polypropylene (MBPP) that filters particulates. The 3-ply design assures safety, comfort, and breathability which makes it popular with users who may want to wear it for an extended period. The soft elastic ear loops keep it in place without irritating the ear lobes. Its lightweight, yet quality and durable construction combined with advanced safety features and easy disposal make it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals as well as surgeons, dentists, and other people.

Features of Robbins 3-Ply Face Mask

The following features of our face masks make them stand out:

  • The face mask is 174 mm long and 90.1 mm wide.
  • The outer and inner layer is made of 24.6 GSM spun bound polypropylene.
  • Robbins 3-ply face mask has a filter layer made of 25.1 GSM melt brown material.
  • The nose piece is made of plastic covered material and ear loops have a polyester spandex construction.
  • It is available in a box of 50, as well as in cases of 20 and 40 boxes.
  • This face mask is certified for a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98.89% ATSM F2101 and particulate filtration efficiency of 98.80 % ATSM F2299.

Tips to Use Robbins 3-Ply Face Mask

  • Sanitize your hands or clean them thoroughly using a liquid hand wash or soap before taking the mask out of the box.
  • Check for any defects such as broken loops or torn filter material.
  • Position the mask on your face such that the upper portion covers your mouth and nose.
  • Place the ear loops around the ear lobes.
  • Adjust the mask in the right position by pulling it over the mouth, nose, and chin.

Please get in touch with us at 1-800-206-8649 or info@robbinsinstruments.com for more information on these masks or their special prices.

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