Rosenberg Adjustable Skin Graft Mesher - 16.19980

Rosenberg Adjustable Skin Graft Mesher - 16.19980
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Product Description

The “Rosenberg Mesher” is a new generation mesher for skin graft meshing systems. The design of this state-of-the-art “Rosenberg Mesher” incorporates the expertise of leading plastic surgeons and biomedical engineers. The mesher features:

ADJUSTABLE MESHING RATIOS - The adjustable mesher with its options of multiple meshing ratios eliminates the need for stocks of different ratios of meshers or different rollers or different kind of carriers, The skin graft may be meshed into several meshing ratios (from 1:1 up to more than 1:5) according to the graft size needed, available skin, and functional and aesthetic considerations.

VERSATILITY OF GRAFT SIZE AND SHAPE - "Intergra®" Certified. The "Rosenberg Mesher" width is nearly double the width of traditional meshers and the practically unlimited length of the carrier allows for meshing grafts of any size and shape. The unique elevation system allows any smooth plate, thickness range from 0.5mm to 5 mm, 155 mm wide and ultimate length to be used as a graft carrier. It has been successfully used to mesh "Integra ® " artificial skin.

IMPROVED SAFETY - The special incision, carrier and gearing system prevents graft sheering and rolling around the blades.

TIME AND EFFORT SAVING - Setting ratios without removing or exchanging parts or carriers, ease of spreading the graft on the special carriers and grafts that do not roll around the blades.