Injection Gun -20cc, B-D Syringe - 21.IG20

Injection Gun -20cc, B-D Syringe - 21.IG20
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Product Description

Injection Gun -20cc, use B-D Syringe-not included.

The Injection Gun (IG) is a type of injecting syringe, which utilizes a narrow jet of injection liquid to penetrate the skin. These medial injection guns are widely used for mass vaccinations, or during fat grafting operations, or as a needle alternative for injecting insulin in chronic diabetic patients. Robbins Instruments provides a wide range of micro-tissue injection guns for dermatology applications. Robbins injection 20cc, is ideal for B-D syringe. The product SKU is 21.IG20.

Product Features of Injection Gun 20cc, B-D Syringe - 21.IG20

  1. German stainless steel construction. 
  2. Ergonomic design enables ease of operation. 
  3. The injection gun is compatible with 20ml B-D syringe. 
  4. It is autoclavable.

Product Description of Injection Gun 20cc, B-D Syringe - 21.IG20

The injection gun 20cc utilizes ratchet movements of extra-fine serrations for precise accuracy. The trigger of the injection gun produces a high injection pressure which helps reduce operator fatigue. These micro-tissue injection guns possess stainless steel construction and can be re-used between surgeries. These ergonomically designed guns are also available in various other sizes, with proper ratchets, as well as adapters to fit disposable BD syringes.


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