Headband Magnifier - 14.MG81007-B

Headband Magnifier - 14.MG81007-B
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Product Description

Headband Magnifier with four kinds of multiple lens plates. When magnifying ratio becomes larger. the focus will become shorter and visual field range becomes narrower. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the lens with minimum magnifying multiple to meet your magnifying needs.

Lens Plate - Magnifying Ratio - Focus 

    # 1                    1.5X              20" 

    # 2                    2X                 10" 

    # 3                    2.5X               8" 

    # 4                    3.5X               4"


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  • I would like a higher magnification than 3.5 can you get or do u have

    3.5x is the highest magnification for these magnifiers.

  • What is the highest power of magnif magnification

    3.5X – See specification list for all four lens.