The Dermo-jet Model G - A Robbins Original - DJ-05

The Dermo-jet Model G - A Robbins Original - DJ-05
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Product Description

Instrument: Patented and clinically time-tested, high velocity, micro-jet emitting, apparatus that achieves nearly painles infiltration without the needle and skin contact.

Application: In numerous medical procedures for rapid administration of single or multiple 1/10 cc. volumes; as initiator of local anesthesia for hypodermic needle insertion; in anesthesia for cutaneous surgery; in preparation for venipuncture; as vaccine inoculator in mass immunization and in tuberculin testing.

Medicaments: Anesthetic solutions, parenteral drugs, vaccines, steroids in aqueous suspension.

Actuation: Semi-automatic - by a single dry spring.

Dosage: 1/10cc. volume; measured and loaded automatically.

Penetration: Up to 4-6 mm., instantaneously raising a wheal with clearly visible center on 1 cm. of circumscribed area, anesthetized 20-30 minutes.

Rapidity: Up to 30 shots per minute. Can be primed and fired by one hand.

Reservoir: Transparentand inerchangeable, made of unbreakable plastic or Pyrex glass. Capacity 4.5cc.

Filtration: Through 1 wire gauze and 3 micro-mesh, stainless steel filters.

Orifice: 0.0079" (32 gauge) diameter in a jewel, transmitting crystalline particles up to 200 microns.

Material: Chrome-stainless steel in gleaming finish.

Servicing: Two parts only are taken out.

Sterilization: The Dermo-Jet accepts any standard clinical method.

Weight and Dimensions: 8 oz. - Length - 6.5" - Diameter - 11/16"

Guarantee: One full year against malfunctioning with free service and parts.


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