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Patented and clinically time-tested, high velocity, micro-jet emitting, apparatus that achieves nearly painless infiltration without the needle and skin contact.


In numerous medical procedures for rapid administration of single or multiple 1/10 cc. volumes; as initiator of local anesthesia for hypodermic needle insertion; in anesthesia for cutaneous surgery; in preparation for venipuncture; as vaccine inoculator in mass immunization and in tuberculin testing.


Anesthetic solutions, parenteral drugs, vaccines, steroids in aqueous suspension.


Semi-automatic - by a single dry spring.


1/10cc. volume; measured and loaded automatically.


Up to 4-6 mm., instantaneously raising a wheal with clearly visible center on 1 cm. of circumscribed area, anesthetized 20-30 minutes.


Up to 30 shots per minute. Can be primed and fired by one hand.


Transparentand inerchangeable, made of unbreakable plastic or Pyrex glass. Capacity 4.5cc.


Through 1 wire gauze and 3 micro-mesh, stainless steel filters.


0.0079" (32 gauge) diameter in a jewel, transmitting crystalline particles up to 200 microns.


Chrome-stainless steel in gleaming finish.


Two parts only are taken out.


The Dermo-Jet accepts any standard clinical method.

Weight and Dimensions:

8 oz. - Length - 6.5" - Diameter - 11/16"


One full year against malfunctioning with free service and parts.


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  • Is this available for professional use in the US?

    The Dermo-jet is available for professional use in the US. If you have any additional questions or would like to place an order, you can call 1-800-206-8649 or online at

  • HI there, I'm interested in the dermo-jet G for my practice however I live in Canada. i was wondering if your device has a Health Canada Approval ? Looking forward to your response, Have a great day

    The Dermo-jet Model G does not have Health Canada Approval.

  • Hello mister or mises This machine where is from ? İs it orjinal ? I am from Turkey Csn ı buy that ? How ı buy ?

    This is the original DermoJet assembled in USA. You can purchase it online at our website.

  • What are the specific medications that can be given with this device? The video does not show how to administer the medication just the priming and prep of the device. How do you give the medication?

    Medications – anesthetic solutions, steroids in aqueous suspension, soluble drugs, etc. We do not mention any brand names. Download the Dermo-jet brochure and all the information is provided on how to fill and administer the needless injection.

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