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Freeman-Gorney Scissors 7.5" Curved, Ceramic Coated, Supercut - 1.1683-19SCC


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Product Description

Freeman-Gorney Scissors 7.5" Curved, Supercut, Ceramic Coated, Stainless Steel, Manufactured in Germany.

Different Plastic Surgery surgeries are being done today for various purposes and require special instruments. The Freeman-Gorney scissors are the most popularly used instruments in facial tissue dissection. These scissors feature a heavier pattern as compared to that of other scissors of similar types. They are most commonly used in the face lift (Rhytidectomy) and several other general surgery procedures. Robbins Instruments in one of the leading providers of Freeman-Gorney Scissors. Freeman-Gorney scissor with the SKU 1.1683-19SCC is one of the best-seller items available with us.

Product Description

The length of these scissors is 7.5″ (English) and 19cm (Metric). The tips of these Supercut scissors are curved. The main purpose of the Freeman-Gorney scissor is to enable accurate dissection of facial tissue. This is done through small incisions. This scissor has a double-beveled serrated blade and the outside edge is semi-sharpened. This allows the scissor to penetrate through the tissue with almost no resistance. The blade tips of this scissor are tapered and flattened. This prevents “buttonholing” and allows for a precise dissection.

The Freeman-Gorney scissors are to be used properly for effective cuts. The skin is tensed back, and the scissors is run by spreading its tips slightly. This creates channels, thus facilitating a rapid dissection. The blades of the scissors are uniquely designed, which help the channels to interconnect efficiently. This will help you achieve accurate neck and facial flaps. The overall control is facilitated by the open shanks that conform to the normal resting position of the hand.

Beneficial Features of Freeman-Gorney Ceramic Coated Supercut Scissors 1.1683-19SCC Provided by Robbins Instruments
  1. The scissors feature an ergonomic open shank, which helps reduce hand fatigue and provides optimum control.
  2. They have a unique design, which allows them to cut both heavy, as well as delicate tissues effectively.
  3. The scissors deliver an excellent cutting stroke, due to the longer blade. 
  4. The razor-sharp upper blade edges, coupled with a micro-serrated lower blade helps deliver clean and effortless cuts. 
  5. The micro-serrations prevent the tearing of tissues. 
  6. The serrated blades of this scissors are double-beveled, and semi-sharpened on the outside edge.


Product Type Freeman-Gorney Scissors
Product SKU 1.1683-19SCC
Tip Style Curved, Ceramic Coated
Handle Finger Rings
Material German Stainless Steel
Length (English) 7.5 inch
Length (Metric) 19 cm
Quantity Each
Usage Reusable
Manuf / Supplier Robbins Instruments


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