Simple and Versatile Disposable Biopsy Punches with Beneficial Features

Biopsy punches are solution-driven devices, which aid in performing quick and safe biopsy procedures. These hand-held devices are known for their ease-of-use, sterility, and versatility. Robbins Instruments provides disposable biopsy punches to meet the requirements of various medical and healthcare organizations.

Features of Robbins Instruments Biopsy Punch Device

These devices, constructed from stainless steel, consist of extremely sharp cutting edges. The punch has the capability to quickly cut, retrieve, and store different types of tissue samples. One of the most important features of this device is that they are sterile and disposable. This allows the user to perform the biopsy effortlessly, and not worry about contamination before or after use. At Robbins Instruments, we provide various biopsy punch sizes. These can range from 0.30 mm to 10 mm. We also offer the punches in a variety of colors. These can include white, green, yellow, orange, fluorescent, and celadon.

Benefits of Disposable Biopsy Punches Offered by Robbins Instruments

Customers can avail a variety of benefits from hand-held biopsy punches, thanks to their design, and ease-of-use.

  1. As the cutting edge is constructed from stainless steel, it provides benefits of strength, sterility, and durability. 
  2. The design of the biopsy punch with plunger includes a ribbed handle. This provides a better grip, making it easier for the user to handle the tool during a biopsy. 
  3. The punches are provided with a safety/protective cap for the cutting edge. This will prevent anyone from getting cut accidently, and maintain the sharpness of the edge. 
  4. The size of each punch is embossed on the neck of the device. This makes it easier for the user to identify, and use the right size punch for the procedure.
  5. The plunger allows the user to eject the stored specimen into a container effortlessly. 

Robbins Instruments biopsy punches can be purchased per size (box/25) or an assorted box (5 each) of 2, 3, 3.5,4,5 mm. We can also provide our products in bulk quantities. Click on any of the products below for more details and specifications. If you have any queries on these, or other medical instruments and products, please feel free to contact us via telephone on 1-800-206-8649. You can also send us an email at

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