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uses premium stainless steel hypodermic cannula tubing wich is polished inside and out. This reduce the internal drag for faster and more efficient aspiration and external drag for passing the cannula through adipose tissue more easily.

Cannula Handles Come in Different Styles

  • One piece Aluminum Handle (standard)
  • Contour Handle (with half the weight and more control)
  • Two-piece cannula
  • Toomey 60cc Hub

Ordering Information - Specify:

  • Tip Shape
  • Easy to die cut and convert, reduces scrap
  • Tip Style
  • Length - over 32cm special order.
  • Diameter - standard 2,2.7,3,3.4,3.7,4.5,6mm - over 6mm special order
  • Handle + Attached Cannula
  • Luer Lock Cannula
  • Screw Cap Cannula for Power Cannula Handpiece

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