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Dermatology is a branch of medical science which deals with skin-related problems. A wide range of instruments and equipment are required in dermatology for carrying out various skin related treatments. These medical instruments can be found with many manufacturers and suppliers. However, you should always consider to purchase from experienced suppliers. Robbins Instruments is one such experienced manufacturer and supplier of quality instruments for dermatology.

Different Dermatological Instruments Available at Robbins Instruments

  1. Dermojet: The Dermojet is FDA compliant and a patented device. The Dermojet is an injection system which is specially designed to deliver needle-less infiltration. This method can be used for in situ injections in the treatment of alopecia, psoriasis, keloids, acne, scars, etc.
  2. Injection Guns: Our injection guns can accommodate a variety of disposable syringes for fat injection and anesthetic requirements.
  3. Robbins Microcannula: Robbins Blunt Tip Micro Cannulas are used for intradermal injections of Aesthetic fillers. They are available in the following sizes and packaging: 22Gx50mm, 25Gx50mm, 27Gx40mm. Box of 20 each size in a sterile pouch.
  4. DermaBlade: The DermaBlade is a revolutionary device which helps perform shave biopsies safely and efficiently. The DermaBlade has a flexible design with side grips, which provide the control needed when performing a shave biopsy, thus eliminating the disadvantages of the razor blade.
  5. Skin Coolers: The skin coolers consist of a small or large roller, which is filled with water and sealed. They are placed in the freezer to cool, and are used on the skin in cooling the epidermis before cosmetic injections. It also helps in reducing tissue swelling and treating minor sports injuries.

Robbins Instruments, for many years, has been providing its clients with the best quality and range of instruments in dermatology. This experience has helped us in understanding the exact requirements of our customers, and thus allowed us to provide them with the instruments and equipment matching their applications. We ship all standard product orders the same day, and are always ready to help you with your needs. Contact us at info@robbinsinstruments.com, or give us a call on our toll-free number tel:+1-800-206-8649.

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