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Medical Grade Comedone Extractors for Dermatological Applications

Comedone extractors, popularly known as blackhead removers, are used to remove black and white heads from the skin. This instrument is used by aestheticians, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and beauty salons. The use of this device has grown in demand due to the growing awareness of self-care techniques and products. Robbins Instruments provides a variety of blackhead removers for dermatological and cosmetological purposes.

At Robbins Instruments, we supply the following brand name comedone extractors:

Features of Comedone Extractors Offered by Robbins Instruments

All of our extractors are designed to encircle comedones precisely, allowing the user to apply equal pressure to remove sebums. They are constructed using medical grade stainless steel. Many of the blackhead extractors provided are designed with textured handles. This feature provides a better grip during the extraction procedure. The features of these blackhead removers include:

Comedone Extractors Specifications

We can provide the comedone extractors in various sizes and specifications. The extractors are specified in inches, as well as millimeters. Our size range includes:

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