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Skin Hooks

Skin Hook

The skin hook is a medical instrument used to hold or position the skin during pharyngeal and intranasal procedures. Robbins Instruments is a supplier of premium medical-grade skin hook retractors with single or dual prongs and sharp or blunt hooks. During surgical procedures these hooks minimize trauma, thereby reducing chances of inflammations and wound infections. This contributes to faster healing and better cosmetic results.

Types of Skin Hooks at Robbins Instruments

At Robbins Instruments we offer the following types of skin hook retractors:

  1. Cottle Skin Hook Retractors: These skin hooks a have slender design that help surgeons grip delicate tissues easily. Cottle skin hook retractors are available in three degrees of depth – small shallow curve, large deep curve, and small deep curve.
  2. Frazier Dura Skin Hooks: Robbins Frazier skin hooks are used during dermatologic procedures and are available in sharp or blunt points.
  3. Freer Skin Hooks: These skin hooks feature 2.5mm wide double prongs and are offered in blunt or sharp points. Freer skin hooks are used during rhinoplasty to hole and position skin properly.
  4. Gillies Skin Hooks: Robbins Gillies skin hooks are distinguished by their long and slender handle. These hooks are used to restrain a skin flap while closing a wound. Gillies skin hooks are available in large or small size.
  5. Guthrie Skin Hooks: These double prong skin hooks are sharp and delicate. Guthrie skin hooks are used during plastic surgery to reduce skin trauma.
  6. Joseph Skin Hooks: Robbins Joseph skin hooks are used during surgeries where delicate skin is retracted. We provide both – Joseph single skin hooks and Joseph double skin hooks measuring 6.25ʺ.
  7. Kleinert Kutz Skin Hooks: These skin hooks are 5ʺ long with a handle that provides a better grip during the surgery. The hook is curved with a sharp tip that provides precision while handling delicate tissue. The hook is available in medium, large, and small sizes.
  8. Tyrell Skin Hooks: Robbins Instruments Tyrell skin hooks are used for extraction and dissection of intraocular cysts. These skin hooks are offered with blunt or sharp tips.

Useful Tips for Using Skin Hook Retractors

  1. Select a retractor on the basis of task and depth of the incision.
  2. Use small skin hook retractors on the skin surface to hold back tissue and skin.
  3. Change the retractor position frequently to avoid trauma during the surgery.
  4. Use blunt point hooks on tendons and nerves and sharp points on the skin

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