AccuThrive/Personna Plus Dermablade Biopsy Blade SS, 50/Box


Invented by Dermatologist For Dermatologists

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The Revolutionary Blade That’s Perfect in Every Way.

DermaBlade was designed specifically for shave biopsies. Utilizing AccuThrive’s MicroCoated surgical blades to provide smooth, clean excisions with less tissue trauma, with a unique look and feel that will make your job easier than ever! DermaBlades’s flexible design can be used to remove surface protuberances, as well as deep lesions, while reducing ragged skin edges. Special sure-grip side teeth facilitate a three-digit grip to provide stability, control and direction, prevent slipping, and make DermaBlade easier to pick up. Each blade is individually packaged to give you guaranteed sterility and protection. For added safety, DermaBlade is also disposable. DermaBlade.

DISCLAIMER The lifecycle of our reusable products (canisters, cannulas, and accessories) is undefined and highly dependent on the frequency of use, preferred cleaning method, and storage conditions, among other factors. For other concerns, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Gina A.
dermablade review

I like it because it is extremely sharp and can be bent EXACTLY to the size of the lesion that is being removed